STOLEN   Basso Diamante 51 cm – Distinctive Green;Black and White Notable features: Campag Chorus group set Record hubs Ambrosio Excellence rims DT DB spokes Deda Handle bars and stem Only one in Australia If you see it please contact nearest police station or contact Diggari directly.

Snippets from Richard’s Christmas Walk

Richards ‘getting lost’ in the high country.     Love Andrew King’s (of One Planet) packs and equipment. So light and strong! Only the most important gear made the cut, the boss will leave behind food, water, anything if it means the mandolin can come along.

Under Construction

Over the next couple weeks we will be cobbling together the finishing touches for this site. We have some exciting new changes to our web presence. The new website will contain information about our products, as well as to tell the story of how we came to be. Stay tuned to get more updates as […]