Water Carriers

Drinking Tube + Tube Adapter


What it is:
  • Drinking tube for use with ORTLIEB water containers (waterbags, watersack, waterbelt) and international standard PET bottles with 28 mm thread
  • Converts waterbag, e.g. suspended in a tent, into a hands-free hydration system
  • Ideal with PET bottles in backpacks, bags or in the car
  • Screw threaded cap onto valve cap of ORTLIEB waterbag or PET bottle
Important info:
  • Remove dust cap from mouth piece, open drip-stop on mouth piece by turning it counterclockwise by 180° until it locks in place
  • For drinking simply bite valve and sip
  • Auto-shutoff by means of integrated spring valve
  • For closing turn mouth piece clockwise by 180°
    length of tube can be adapted inside the container
    mouthpiece can be taken apart for hygenical cleaning
    cleaning with warm water and liquid soap

Folding Bowl


What it is:

  • Ideal for getting and carrying water (e.g. at a camp site)
  • Can be turned inside out; e.g. use one side for washing dishes, the other for preparing food • Ideal for feeding dogs, cats or horses etc.
  • Can be carried with one hand when full
  • Foldable into small size
  • Solid and stable
  • Easy to clean
  • Size XL: carrying handles in diagonal position to allow comfortable carrying

Important info:

Not spillproof when used for transportation e.g. inside a backpack, car or pannier

Shower Valve


What it is:

  • Shower valve for all ORTLIEB water sacks, water bags and water belt from models 1999 on
    the shower valve is placed under the small cover cap onto the threaded connector instead of the dust cap
    simple metering of throughput by turning the shower valve
  • Ideal combination with the black 10l water sack or water bag as solar shower (check the water temperature prior to use – danger of boiling water)
  • Can be used for watering flowers or for washing dishes
  • For water transport: remove the shower cap, cover the valve with the dust cap and firmly close the valve

Water Sack


What it is:
  • Ideal for camping, trekking, expeditions etc. for fast filling and carrying of water
  • Foldable into small size
  • Can also be used as dry bag for clothing or as compression bag for sleeping bags
  • Can be used as camping shower; black watersack is an ideal solar shower (shower valve available as accessory art. code N30)
  • Can be combined with the Katadyn Siphon Filter for water purification (filter comes with an adapter)
  • A silicone tube (comes with the filter, available from Katadyn) allows direct filtering e.g. into an ORTLIEB waterbag or waterbowl
  • Only suited for water storage (in hanging position)
  • Do not fill with boiling water (maximum temperature 60°C / 140°F)
  • Easy to clean (mechanical cleaning with brush and neutral soap)
  • Store absolutely dry and completely open when not in use
  • Not suited for water transport in backpacks
  • Can be combined with ORTLIEB drinking tube (art. code N43)
Important info:
  • Do not expose drinking water too long to the heat. Change the water as often as possible. Fill with water only! Clean the valve regularly!
  • The 10 L waterbag comes with valve and dustcap.