Office Bags

Office-Bag QL2


What it is:
  • Waterproof briefcase with QL2 system and roll closure
  • Compatible with all standard racks with diameter 8, 10 and 16mm
  • Can be mounted on either left or right side
  • Has inner compartments with zippered pockets
  • Carries two A4 folders, pens, cellphones and your lunch
  • Can be used for laptops or portable computers with a padded Notebook insert
  • Comes with carrying handle and a (removable) padded shoulder strap
Optional accessories:

Notebook sleeves

 Office-Bag QL2.1 Black’N White


What it is:
  • Essentially the Office Bag QL2, but with a different QL2.1 mounting system
  • Upper hook is now one piece for higher stability
  • Basic 16mm hooks can be reduced to 8, 10 and 12 mm with included reduction pieces
  • Optional 20mm hook for larger tube diameters such as those on E-bikes
  • Lower hook rail made of two-component synthetic combination for reduced abrasions on the carrier
  • Comes with padded shoulder strap and 1 pair of reduction pieces in 8, 10 and 12 mm
Optional accessories:

Notebook sleeves

Office-Bag QL3


What it is:
  • Essentially the Office Bag QL2, but with a completely new QL3 mounting system designed for office and city bags
  • Fixing components are mounted on the rack, giving a uniform appearance
  • Flat fixing elements ensure plane reverse side of bag
  • Height and angle of bag individually adjustable, and lower mounting hook is rotatable
  • Comes with inner compartment, padded shoulder strap and QL3 mounting components
Optional accessories:

Notebook sleeves