Motorcycle Bags

Moto D-Fender


What it is:
  • Waterproof backpack with TIZIP zipper
  • Abrasion and fold resistant PU fabric
  • Comes with long zipper for easy access
  • Flat bottom for stability
Optional Accessories:

Fastening straps

Moto Dry Bag


What it is:
  • Robust motorcycle drybag with roll’n snap closure and valve
  • Extremely tear-resistant and abrasion-resistant coated PU material
  • Ideal for heavy duty use
  • Valve deflates bag
  • Comes with base loop for fixing
  • Tyre tread motif
  • Sturdy carrying handle
  • Easy to clean
  • Folds into a small size
Optional accessories:

Shoulder strap, tension straps for fixing on rack

Moto Speedbag


What it is:
  • Waterproof and dustproof double panniers with roll closure • Extremely abrasion and folding PU resistant fabric
  • Tyre tread motif
  • Low position design makes them ideal for high end tubes
  • Additional rack adapter not required
  • Easy fixing with broad Velcro and straps
  • Easy to clean on the inside
  • Symmetrical design allows plenty of space for passenger
  • Bags are supplied as pair with Velcro and fixation straps
Important info:
  • The distance from the bags to the exhaust pipe should be not less than 10 cm (3,94 in)
  • In order to reach protection standard IP64 (6=dustproof, 4=protected against spray from all directions) the closure must be rolled 3-4x and fixed downwards.

Moto Rack Pack


What it is:
  • Waterproof motorcycle and travel bag with roll closure
  • Abrasion and fold resistant PU fabric
  • Removable padded shoulder strap
  • Integrated valve for deflation and reducing packing volume
  • Tyre tread motif
  • Fixing for compression straps beneath roll closure and on base (straps available as optional accessory)
  • Compression straps and roll closure allow variable packing size
  • Bag is easily accessible with a wide opening
  • Can be combined with ORTLIEB Moto Saddle-Bags
  • Comes with padded shoulder strap
Optional accessories:

Compression straps

Motorcycle Side Bag


What it is:
  • Waterproof motorcycle saddle bag (single bag) with roll closure and Quick-Lock2 system
  • Usable for motocycle racks with tubing up to 16 mm/0,54 inches (manual closing of the hooks with 16 mm-tubing required!)
  • Abrasion and fold resistant PU fabric
  • Tyre tread motif
  • Useable as shoulder bag for all-day purposes or as a brief-case for motorcyclists
  • Single bag can be attached on both sides (left and right) of the motorcycle rack
  • Comfortable carrying with padded shoulder strap and handle
  • Easy to clean
  • Ideal for recumbent bikes
Optional accessory:

QL2 Anti-Theft Device long (art. code E 125) Bag comes as single bag with shoulder strap

Moto Tank Bag


What it is:
  • Waterproof tankbag with magnetic and strap fixing for motorcycles
  • Extremely abrasion and folding resistant PU fabric
  • Can also be fixed to rear
  • Modified, adjustable base-plate of non sliding and tank saving material can be attached to the tank with strong adhesive magnets or fixing straps (included)
  • Tyre tread motif
  • Robust waterproof TIZIP zipper
  • Additional fixing around handlebar column with enclosed fixing strap required
  • Waterproof map case can be attached directly on the base (interior dimensions of mapcase: 22 x 26 cm / 8,7 x 10,2 in)
  • Moto tankbag comes with magnetic and strap fixing, mapcase and fixing strap
Optional accessories:

Carrying system for tank rucksack

Important info:

Due to the strong magnets used, keep cheque cards with magnetic strips away from the base plate to avoid loss of data


Moto Zip’N Go


What it is:
  • Waterproof duffle bag with zipper for motorcycle and traveling
  • Abrasion and fold resistant PU fabric
  • Waterproof TIZIP zipper
  • Ideal for heavy duty applications
  • Tyre tread motif
  • Fixings for straps (available as optional accessory)
  • Padded handles with reflective stripes allow for comfortable transport
  • Duffle bag comes with zipper and carry handles
Optional accessories:

Fixing straps